Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Special Birthday Wishes for July 31st
I have to give birthday wishes to 2 special people. First, my mom. My mom and I are very close. We always have been, but it's been different now that I'm a mom, too. She gives me my space and doesn't butt in about what I should or shouldn't be doing with Houston, but she is also there for me in the drop of a hat and has proven that time and time again. When Houston was about 4 weeks old I would call her to come over so I could get some sleep. She joked that she already had her shoes on and was out the door. Sometimes I think she really did sit waiting so she could come over and hold and love on him. My mom is the most giving and caring woman I know. Even when she doesn't feel like it, she puts on a smile, a Stein Mart outfit, and is ready to go. She likes flea markets, books, and shopping at the Target Dollar Spot. She is a great travel buddy and is going with Hugh, Houston, and I to California next week. And boy does she love her grandkids! And they think the world of her, too. She has sleepovers with girls and the boys fight over sitting in her lap. She is strong and has been the rock of our family many times.
I love you, mom. Thank you and Happy Birthday!!

Mom and I, Mother's Day 2007
With Houston, July 26, 2007

These special birthday wishes are for Ruby Kate. My mom calls them birthday buddies. She is a sweetheart and such a cutie. One of these days, we will actually get a good picture of her and Houston together. Lots of tries, no success.

So, happy birthday to 2 special people. And may you have many, many more happy ones.

I love you both.


Stacy said...

Ruby Kate couldn't share her birthday with a more sweet lady than your mom! You crack me up ... in a steinmart outfit! Please tell Mrs. Sandy "happy birthday" from us!

Stacy said...

oh, and I forgot to add that you both look really pretty in that picture!

Misty said...

I used to envy mother/daughter/baby relationships like the one you described but now I get to experience it and I thank God for it.