Friday, July 25, 2008

1. Whether you do it yourself at home or pay to have someone else do it, you will feel stressed, anxious, and that the party is controlled chaos at best.
2. You won't get to spend as much time as you would like visiting with YOUR friends (the parents of the attendees) because you are too busy making sure all the kids are happy.
3. The feeling will be bittersweet-happy that your baby is loved and is growing and learning, but sad that you are losing your baby and he is becoming a big boy.
4. Another party for him means another year older for you.
5. In the end, it is ALL worth it!

Before, nice and clean.

During "Happy Birthday". I swear he knew they were singing for him. I think I wiped a tear or two.

With mommy while Houston was finishing his second piece of pizza. He had never had pizza or this much sugar before in his whole life.

Lesley called me about 9:45 to see if I had relaxed any. I told her Houston was still up (which he was) and was spinning in circles in the kicthen, which was also true. He did finally come down off his sugar high and got a good night's rest.

Michelle took this black & white ones which I love. I will post some of the kiddos having fun in the next few days. Hugh, Houston and I are off to Hot Springs tonight, family birthday party for Houston Saturday, Ruby Kate's birthday party Saturday afternoon, hanging with Lesley Saturday night, church/VBS decorating Sunday-you get the picture.


Michele said...

Awwww.... I'm so glad you liked the ones I took. I hope I got lots of good ones for you! He's such a precious boy! Good times! It's always so hard to take everything in at their birthday parties because you are always so frazzled! I know what you mean by not being able to feel like you are paying attention to everyone! Hate to tell you that all the future birthdays will be much the same! Love you guys and we were so glad to be a part of Houstons first year!

Stacy said...

fun pictures of one messy baby! That one of you and him cracks me up... all you can see is your a floating Misty bobble-head... or like Marilyn. Have fun in Hot Springs and see ya tomorrow.

Dana said...

stacy you did NOT just compare misty to the infamous marilyn!!!!!! i am CRACKING UP!!!

great pics. i'm so sad i wasn't there. i love the cake ones!!!!