Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve
We've had lots of fun Christmas festivities to catch you up on. Tonight, we had an amazing Christmas Eve service at church-not a dry eye in the house. We went to my mom and dad's for chili and then back to our house to begin preparing dinner for tomorrow. Last night we stayed the night in Jacksonville and had a great time hanging out with Hugh's dad, sisters, niece, and nephew.
This is Houston and I at his school Christmas party on Dec. 19th making snowflakes. We had lots of yummy treats and got to take home lots of Christmas art.

We have the cutest pictures and video of Houston using the Christmas wrapping paper rolls as sticks for his own interpretation of Christmas dance. The best part is, after he sings and bangs them on the ground, is that he throws them down in a grand finale before clapping for himself. I will try to get video of that on soon.
Houston waiting for Santa's cookies to get finished baking......
He drew his first picture/letter to Santa with red and green crayons.

A picture with the Big Man. You will notice tears are missing, and you will also notice that his usual adorable smile is missing as well. He looks a little concerned, but the Santa '08 picture is in the books! Merry Christmas to all our friends and family!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Curls
Being a first-time mom, I have been proud of each of Houston's milestones-sitting up, crawling, walking, talking. But I have to say, this is one I have dreaded. His first haircut. I know I have needed to give in for some time now, but it was sad for me to think about cutting off his beautiful curls. When we got home from school today, his hair was a complete and utter mess. Medusa was on top of his head and it could not be tamed. There is not enough lotion, baby oil, grease, spit-nothing can hold it down now. So, momma gave in to the clippers.

He honestly was such a trooper. He sat, with cookie in hand, attentively watching his daddy cut and momma cry and pick up the curls and put them in a baggie.

He "ooooohed" and "ahhhhhed" through the whole thing and didn't seem to mind a bit. The cookie was a little hairy before we were finished, but he kept right on chomping away.

It's hard to get a good idea of the finished product, but I have to say I am PLEASED, and even like it in fact. If you thought he was cute before, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

He looks like momma's little man and I still love him, curls or not. Kudos to his daddy for his barbershop skills!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....finally
I hate to admit it, but I have to. I have been a complete bah humbug this year. I usually am in love with this season early on, but I have not been interested much this year. I usually put up all my decorations Thanksgiving weekend, but we were gone to Branson this year and I just haven't taken the time or effort to pull everything out and set it up. Not to mention the fact I will be chasing a curly head 16 month old all over the house when he steals the ornaments. But I know Christmas morning wouldn't be the same, so we at least got the tree out. We went for the small skinny one instead of the big fat one.

It does look pretty, but I already dread taking it down. Can somebody pass along a shot of the Christmas spirit?
Houston reading all about Santa, which he lovingly refers to as "ho ho".
SO grateful to nana for this dog that sings Feliz Navidad on command. Over and over and over and over and over.........

Our first Christmas card of the year.....Shout out to Stephanie for being on top of things (and doing it while almost 6 months pregnant!)

And this one just because I think he is simply the most adorable thing out there and if this won't get you in the spirit, nothing will. Hope your holdiays are going good! And to all, a good night.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy weekend and Happy Birthday D!
The holiday season is in full swing for us and was non-stop this past weekend. It started out Saturday morning with our women's Christmas party at church-always a great time and I must admit, the purse I stole from Dana is truly fab. Good times, good food, good friends. Then, Houston and I were off to Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party for my friend Stephanie's little girl, Ella. We rode Bob the Builder until we used up all 20 of our tokens! Last but not least, we were privileged to spend Dana's birthday with her around the grill at Fuji. Us and 27 other people, though there was only seating for 15. You do the math. After Fuji, the girls KILLED the guys at laser tag by almost 100 points! Lots of fun. Happy Birthday, Dana. What a great friend!

Cory is Lewis and Kara's grandson and he and Houston have gotten to hang out a lot more lately and have really hit it off. Houston kept getting out of his high chair and Fuji and Cory would point his little finger at Houston and say, "Sit down bottom!" It's fun to watch these two together.
Houston's new thing now is "squeezing". That's what he calls the hugs he gives out. Within the last couple of days he's added grunting to the squeeze. Gotta love this kid!!

The picture of the WINNERS! It is worth mentioning again that the GIRLS BEAT the BOYS "fa and sqa" at laser tag.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A different kind of Thanksgiving.....
We usually do the traditional Thanksgiving....turkey, dressing, parents and in-laws. But this year, we opted for something a little different. My parents, my brother and his family, and Hugh and our family went to Branson for 4 days. We rented a house, shopped, ate and had fun. We spent our actual Thanksgiving Day watching the Christmas show at Dixie Stampede. It was wonderful. It was fun to get to see all the cousins play together and everyone got along so well.

This was the cutest. The night before we left, Houston must have wanted to make sure there was room for him-he climbed in the suitcase, sat down, and started playing with his cars.
Houston and his cousin Barrett are definitely 2 peas in a pod. They are getting old enough now where they are really starting to play good together-and fight together.
Most of the gang in front of Dixie Stampede-Katie, Hugh, Anna, Houston, Felicia, Nana, Barrett, and Alana. The girls had a good time while they were here-we kept them very busy and the time flew by.
Our Christmas will be small this year-this was our "big" family gift to each other. We had a great 4 days and I liked the twist on the typical Thanksgiving. Now that I've finally finished all 4 Twilight books, I'll be back in the blogging spirit. Got lots of cute pictures to share. Happy Holidays!