Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy weekend and Happy Birthday D!
The holiday season is in full swing for us and was non-stop this past weekend. It started out Saturday morning with our women's Christmas party at church-always a great time and I must admit, the purse I stole from Dana is truly fab. Good times, good food, good friends. Then, Houston and I were off to Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party for my friend Stephanie's little girl, Ella. We rode Bob the Builder until we used up all 20 of our tokens! Last but not least, we were privileged to spend Dana's birthday with her around the grill at Fuji. Us and 27 other people, though there was only seating for 15. You do the math. After Fuji, the girls KILLED the guys at laser tag by almost 100 points! Lots of fun. Happy Birthday, Dana. What a great friend!

Cory is Lewis and Kara's grandson and he and Houston have gotten to hang out a lot more lately and have really hit it off. Houston kept getting out of his high chair and Fuji and Cory would point his little finger at Houston and say, "Sit down bottom!" It's fun to watch these two together.
Houston's new thing now is "squeezing". That's what he calls the hugs he gives out. Within the last couple of days he's added grunting to the squeeze. Gotta love this kid!!

The picture of the WINNERS! It is worth mentioning again that the GIRLS BEAT the BOYS "fa and sqa" at laser tag.


Dana said...

such a "fab" purse that you DIDN'T EVEN CARRY IT SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have one more chance to wear it sunday or i WILL be stealing it from your closet. :)

Misty said...

I love the squeezing picture