Thursday, July 16, 2009

Batter up & Buddies
It's official that Houston is destined to be a baseball player. A legend. A total mess. He got his first glove, tee, and bat a few weeks ago. Hugh says like a natural, he picks the bat up and starts swinging from the left side. It's amazing how much he LOVES this and how much we don't have to encourage him. Wiffle balls are constantly flying around the living room, and almost everyday, he runs and grabs his stuff and proclaims, "I wanna hit!" He loves going to games and watching it on TV. What can I say? It's in his blood.

Meet Corey. Houston's BFF. Corey came over a couple of weeks ago to swim and play with Houston and you would think these 2 were separated at birth in Houston's eyes. He LOVES Corey. He talks about Corey. He calls Corey on the pretend phone. He asks for him almost daily. The two hit it off right from the beginning and I see a long friendship ahead of them.

Oh, and they like to play trains in their diapers. Just wait til this one comes out when they're 16! Thank you Lewis and Kara for sharing your Corey with us!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Humor Me & First Fishing Trip

Houston's big thing now is putting his toys to "sleep" for naptime and patting them, like I do him. Today's victim: the tricycle.

Poppy took Houston and Barrett fishing 4th of July weekend. It was the first time Houston went and was actually able to hold his own pole, reel the fish in, and have some sort of understanding what was going on.

He was serious about holding his purple and gold Dora fishing pole in the water and keeping his eye on the "bopper".

His very first fish-he sure looks proud of himself!

And momma was proud of him, too! Thanks Poppy for taking us fishing.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Minnesota, Day 4, and other goodness
We rounded out day four with some beautiful sight-seeing. We went to several beautiful lakes, played at the park, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

The water was amazingly blue and there were literally lakes everywhere, hence the name "Land of a Thousand Lakes."

The day ended in a pillow fight, where I must say, Houston was victorious.

Better later than never, a shout out to Hugh, an awesome husband, father, and friend. Happy Father's Day.

4th of July was busy for us like it was most people. We were in Memphis working with Hugh at some games, came home to cookout and swim with my mom and dad, and made it to fireworks just in time. And like his past "freak out" moments of loud noises, dancing animals, and costumed people, Houston did not like the loud fireworks, but he endured and 4th of July 2009 is in the books.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Minnesota, Day 2 and 3
On the second and third day of our trip, Hugh had to work, so mom, Houston, and I set out to be entertained. Our first stop was Como Zoo and Amusement Park-day 2. On day 3, we went to the Minneapolis Zoo. These rides were right up Houston's alley, so we got to ride them over and over and over and over.........
Here in his own little chariot.........

and here breaking the speed of light.........

This may be my ALL time favorite of us (thanks mom) except for some newborn pictures (thanks dana). Mom took this picture of us on train. And after cropping out the ugly little blonde haired girl behind us, the lighting is perfect, the feeling was sincere, and I couldn't be happier right at that moment.

At the Minneapolis Zoo, they took you on a tractor ride to the "farm" which was Houston's favorite part I think. They were animals more recognizable to him, so we spent lots of time here petting the pigs and feeding the goats. He would get down and peer through the fences to talk to the cute.

This is another favorite one where he had climbed on the fence to get a better look. Love this kid and everything he exploring and learning right now.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Minnesota Adventures
We (mom, Houston, and I) accompanied Hugh on the road to Minnesota this year, and man, what an experience. First of all, traveling with a 1 year old when you have to get up at 4am to catch your flight is NOT a good idea. But, I must say, he was a trooper. We arrived in Minneapolis on June 10th, which was draft day. The first part of the day we stayed in the hotel room while Hugh followed the draft online. The phone rang off the hook and he got constant emails. But it was fun to watch him-he got to actually call his draft picks (7 of them!) and let them know they had been drafted. I honestly think he was as excited as them!!
Houston supplied our hotel entertainment-dancing, singing, eating, jumping, napping, dancing, get the idea. Let's just say after a few hours, he was ready to get out of the motel and GO!
Our first stop was Rainforest Cafe in the Mall of America. He was not so crazy about the animated animals, but the food was good and we shared a Rockin' Rangutang some-or-other :)
The MOA is awesome, to put it mildly. When we walked in, we were greeted by a full size ferris wheel, log ride, and several roller coasters. The rides were amazingly quiet (the screaming people were not) but Houston was not tall enough to ride so we enjoyed just watching.
Also at the entrance is Lego Land with thousands of lego to play with-they even had a race track set up where you can build your own car. We all had a blast and it was neat to watch Houston take it all in. (Notice the JACKET in JUNE! Temps were in the 50s at night!)
More later of our zoo trips!