Thursday, July 16, 2009

Batter up & Buddies
It's official that Houston is destined to be a baseball player. A legend. A total mess. He got his first glove, tee, and bat a few weeks ago. Hugh says like a natural, he picks the bat up and starts swinging from the left side. It's amazing how much he LOVES this and how much we don't have to encourage him. Wiffle balls are constantly flying around the living room, and almost everyday, he runs and grabs his stuff and proclaims, "I wanna hit!" He loves going to games and watching it on TV. What can I say? It's in his blood.

Meet Corey. Houston's BFF. Corey came over a couple of weeks ago to swim and play with Houston and you would think these 2 were separated at birth in Houston's eyes. He LOVES Corey. He talks about Corey. He calls Corey on the pretend phone. He asks for him almost daily. The two hit it off right from the beginning and I see a long friendship ahead of them.

Oh, and they like to play trains in their diapers. Just wait til this one comes out when they're 16! Thank you Lewis and Kara for sharing your Corey with us!!

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