Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Minnesota, Day 4, and other goodness
We rounded out day four with some beautiful sight-seeing. We went to several beautiful lakes, played at the park, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

The water was amazingly blue and there were literally lakes everywhere, hence the name "Land of a Thousand Lakes."

The day ended in a pillow fight, where I must say, Houston was victorious.

Better later than never, a shout out to Hugh, an awesome husband, father, and friend. Happy Father's Day.

4th of July was busy for us like it was most people. We were in Memphis working with Hugh at some games, came home to cookout and swim with my mom and dad, and made it to fireworks just in time. And like his past "freak out" moments of loud noises, dancing animals, and costumed people, Houston did not like the loud fireworks, but he endured and 4th of July 2009 is in the books.

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