Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More from the reunion....JHS.....Class of '88
This is "Goon". He was one of Hugh's good friends and was an awesome athlete. He was running Olympic times and held several records in the state his senior year. Tragically, one year after high school, he was shot during a drive by. He is so inspiring and has never lost his sense of humor. He was cutting a rug out on the dance floor-popping up on his two back wheels and spinning in circles. It was amazing to see. During the class picture, Goon and another guy were picking on each other and the other guy yelled, "Well, Goon. Stand up then." With Goon's quick wit, he replied, "Don't make me surprise ya'll. I would, but there may be somebody who works for social security in here." Of course, everyone died laughing. Thanks, Goon, for continuing to love life and be thankful. You certanily deserved your standing ovation for "most thankful to see at the reunion".

It was fun getting to hang out with the family for the weekend. Hugh was so excited to visit everybody and sad when we left. His class has already lost 7 friends. But he was able to reconnect with people I'm sure he will never lose touch with again.

Can I get a witness?????

My baby jamming out to AC/DC by himself. Oh, wait. There is one poor helpless woman out there. Her date must have been embarassed of her, too.

This is Jimbo, one of Hugh's best friends from high school. He now lives in Millington, TN where he is vice principle. He played football at ASU-we always look forward to seeing him during football season. Go Red Wolves!! I do have a hilarious picture of them from jr high I will post later this week. Hugh has an afro.....that's all I'm gonna say about that right now.

I'm proud of you, honey, for the awesome man, husband, and father you have turned out to be. I hope we can look back in twenty years and enjoy our memories. I love that you like to laugh, have fun, and enjoy life. I am proud of you and glad that I was the one on your arm Saturday night.


H.T. said...

You guys are so sweet Misty! I'm cracked up at the dance pic, and love the comment! Have a great day!

Misty said...

I love you guys!! Oh how I wish I could have been there to see Hugh dance. We missed ya'll Sunday.

LindseyB said...

does hugh realize that i was 7 when he graduated high school??? dang he is old!!! he signs up for aarp this year right....just kidding!!! you guys look very happy ad beautiful, and i think ruby kate needs to propose to houston before he gets taken. he is a handsome little devil. oh and by the way i think ymca offers dance classes :) ok really i'm done picking on hugh.