Sunday, July 27, 2008

VBS rolls in to Crossroads!
As a kid, I always loved when it was time for VBS. There were always a few things you could be sure were going to happen.
1. You were going to make some crafts out of toilet paper rolls and baby food jars.
2. Little old ladies would be there to serve Always Save creme sandwich cookies.
3. You would get hyped up on sugary kool-aid.
Those were the good ol' days.
But, not at Crossroads. We construct things. We build. We use power tools.
Plainly speaking, VBS around here ROCKS!
I have to gives shouts out to Dana, Lesley, and Kara for constructing one awesome addition to the VBS decor this year. It will be the food serving establishment. Take a look.

To fully appreciate this thing, you have to understand it started as 3 sheets of plywood nailed to 3 two-by-fours and painted white. Then came the creative part.

My "lumpy" wheel as it was lovingly referred to as. Thanks, Lesley. It still rolls, baby. Kara, Lesley, and Dana adding the final touches to our.............

ICE CREAM truck!!!! How stinkin' awesome is that!??! Show me another VBS with an ice cream truck and Dana will make the Leaning Tower of Pisa for next year. She kindof looks like she's about to mow somebody down. If you've ever ridden with her, you know that may be possible.

Now, what to do with the ice cream truck after VBS is yet to be determined. I volunteered to set it up in my front yard and use it as a money-making tool. I don't think the demand for them on ebay is high at the moment.

So, to sum it up, from beginning to end. Add 4 friends, 8 1/2 hours, 3 nervous breakdowns (all by Dana) and 1 lumpy tire and you get hysterical fun. See you guys down the VBS!!


Lesley said...
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Lesley said...

This is some funny stuff! Dana looks deranged driving the truck. I would be very scared to be in her path at that point. It was a loooong day but I had a blast and I think the truck turned out perfect, lumpy tire and all!

Dana said...

okay miss priss. i totally admit that i'm anal, a perfectionist, and it drives me crazy to be sub-par. yes i had 3 breakdowns. i probably had more actually. it was a LONG day!!! but it was fun and and most importantly... it's finished!!!!!!! next year slap me if i suggest building something.

H.T. said...

Looks great ladies! You all did an awesome job! May God bless VBS this week and use it to change lives.

Stacy said...

that is pretty cool! You guys did a great job!

Tommy Archer said...

I want rocky road. And does it have the cool music playing like most Ice cream trucks. Great job.

Amanda said...

The truck is adorable. You guys put in a lot of hard work. I hope to make it to VBS tomorrow! We missed it tonight!

S.A. said...

Homerun ladies