Monday, July 21, 2008

We had a busy but very fun weekend-we attended Hugh's 20 year class reunion of Jacksonville High School. On Friday night, we met at the Flying Saucer in Little Rock at the River Market where I got to meet about 150 of Hugh's 400 classmates (I graduated with only 86 so this is strange to me....). Everyone was really nice and easy to talk to. Thank you Sophia and Vicky for keeping our cranky baby so we could enjoy our evening!!
On Saturday, we went to the family picnic-lots of fried fish, chicken strips, and french fries. Yum! We had been there no longer than 10 minutes and Houston found the biggest pile of charcoal dust in the whole park, sat in it, rolled in it, stomped in it, played in it and then rubbed it on Hugh on I. Nothing a half bottle of Shout couldn't handle. I love that stuff.

It was time to start getting ready for the evening which was dinner and dancing at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Little Rock. I'm busy getting ready and ask Hugh to watch Houston. Yeah, he watched him alright. He watched him play in the trashcan and in the toilet. There's not enough hand sanitizer in the world for this kid!!

What makes this story even better is that later, he started dropping things in the toilet like Scotch tape, a stapler, and water bottle. Thankfully he hasn't figured out the flushing part yet. Thank you Chad, Rhonda, Britton, Landon, and Easton for keeping your cousin!!

Last but not least, I know what you're that a Baldwin Brother at Hugh's class reunion? Well, I had to inspect myself. Thank goodness I have a good zoom. See, I'm not talking to this guy, who actually turns out to Brian Smith, spouse of a classmate, I'm stalking him from across the parking lot so I would have a good picture for the blog. After meeting my bail, I went on about my day :)


Stacy said...

TWENTY years... man! That makes it sound like we are getting OLD! I love that in that one picture Houston has a peice of tape on him that says "Hugh Walker"... like he needed the nametag in order for anyone to know who he belonged to. And... um.... your kid has his hand in a hotel TOILET! I think I know that Jimbo character from somehow... I can't think how, but I am pretty sure I know him. Funny about the Baldwin Bro.

Lexi & Abby's mom said...

That is tooo funny! He is going to be into everything now! Give him a roll of toliet paper and a water bottle and he will be happy for hours! (Maybe minutes)