Thursday, July 17, 2008

Redbirds fun with the Allens!!
This past weekend we had a blast hanging out with the Allens from our church. We left Jonesboro early to eat at Jillians and then headed over to the ballpark. Hugh was actually covering the Redbirds and had to work, so he put Scott to work with the radar gun. Michele and I, on the other hand, had the kids and Houston was a mess. He did somehow keep us entertained by his inability to stay in his seat. Or in his stroller. Or in his shirt. Or clean. He had Lexi and Abby giggling the whole night. He poured lemonade (and mac-n-cheese) all over Lexi's feet, kept playing in the trash which had Abby giggling, and patted the man in front of him on the back. Over and over. We had a great time hanging out with them-I'm sure there are more roadtrips to come.

Houston LOVES LOVES LOVES this school bus!! He loves to push it, ride on it, open the lid and put things in the trunk, beep the horn, and sit on it and scoot it backwards. This has been his favorite toy as of late-anything with wheels and steering and he's all about it.

Can the terrible 2s happen at 1? Because I think we have arrived. Houston is on the go. He can climb on the footstool and up to the chair, into his toy box (obviously), and in every door and cabinet in the house!! He is also becoming very demanding. When he sees something he wants, he wants it right then and no later. He pushes me away when he doesn't want kisses (which breaks my heart :( though he did try to give me a kiss yesterday and bit my bottom lip, hanging on like he was a piranha. He is growing up way too fast.

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