Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shout out to our family in Conway and Jacksonville!!
(done in orange for you, Chad!)

We left Houston in the care of Hugh's family this past weekend so we could attend his class reunion. On Saturday night, we dropped him off at 250 Toad Suck Road in Conway, Arkansas, to stay with Hugh's brother Chad, his wife Rhonda, and their kids Britton, Landon, and Easton. We love them dearly and knew he would be entertained.

Uncle Chad's lap must feel a lot like daddy's.......
Uncle Chad had a long, busy day at a football convention but was able to hand out a few extra hugs when he got home. Hard to imagine him and Hugh as kids fighting in the living room floor on Sundays when the Steelers played the Cowboys. GO 'Boys!!
This is Britton, our beautiful, smart niece. I remember holding her in the hospital when she was just a few hours old. Here she is with her grandma in September 1999. Ms. Walker passed away in April the next year. This picture was taken at Chad and Rhonda's house when they lived in Jonesboro.

These are Houston's 2 handsome strong cousins. Landon is on the left and Easton is playing in the floor. Landon is our little baller-I think both he and Easton could run for days without stopping. This next picture is my all time favorite of, so cute. And an almost 3 year old picture of Easton. They are both such cute boys.

The final "thank you" is to Sophia, John-John, Kenny, and Vick for putting up with Houston Friday night with his cranky self. These next two old pictures are of of Britton with her cousin Vicky who is now in jr high and cooks her own full course breaksfast like nobody's business and Britton with her Uncle Hugh and cousin Kenny, the next best shortstop to come out of Jacksonville High School.

Thank you guys! We love you all VERY much.

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