Monday, July 7, 2008

You Learn As You Go

We had an awesome time 4th of July. We were at the ballpark in Fayetteville with Hugh. Our 4th of July was actually Saturday night, the 5th, with mom and dad, Kerry and Lisa, Anna, Katie, and Barrett. Lots of fireworks, hot dogs, and corn on the cob. Oh, yeah, and a few mosquitoes.

Houston is getting so big and changing everyday. I can't believe my baby is almost 1. He is in to everything. One of my favorite things is putting him in bed with me early in the morning, cuddling, and getting and giving lots of kisses. Our usual routine is that I get up, straighten up the house, and when he wakes up he sits up and cries and I come get him. Well, this morning things were different. I had the house completely quiet because I was doing my bible study. I thought I should go check on him. I got up off the couch, walked around the corner, and there he was, just sitting in the hallway playing with his bus!! I couldn't believe the little stinker had gotten down off the bed (and upon later inspection I discovered he had been in my bathroom playing with rolls of toilet paper), had pushed his bus down the hall and was sitting playing with it and I hadn't heard a peep! I died laughing, scooped him up, kissed him, called his daddy to tell him what his boy had done, and spent the morning playing with him. I love that boy!! And he made me realize, I will learn as I go.


Lesley said...

How precious! Making me all teary-eyed first thing in the morning!!

Dana said...

Gettin' out of bed all by himself.... pretty soon he won't live at home anymore! haha! :-)

Heather said...

Such a sweet picture!! I know, I'm blog haunting.
I'm glad you got one started. I love seeing pictures.