Sunday, July 13, 2008

We were looking through some old pictures I had in a box in the garage and we came across this picture of Hugh from 1970-he was 3 months old. It is the youngest picture we have of him. We were both amazed when we saw the similarities to Houston-the curly hair, the same shaped legs, the same smile. Houston is his daddy made over! I've done a picture like the one below each month since Houston was 1 month old. I am anxious to do his last picture like this on the 26th, be able to lay them all out and see how
much he has changed in a year. It's funny because in months 7-11,
I usually just got a picture of the back of his head as he was
crawling away or the wrinkled up piece of paper. After his year picture, I'll post a few so you can all see the difference.


Lesley said...

That four month picture made me laugh. He looks like he is about to bow up on somebody!

Lexi & Abby's mom said...

He looks just like Hugh!

Michele said...

Love Lesley's comment