Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I have arrived........
in southern California and I love it. First, let me say, hold on, pics are coming soon and I have some AMAZING ones. Now, let me tell you things I have forgotten within the first 24 hours of my journey:
1. Houston's carseat at LAX airport. Yes, big mess. Hugh had to ride the bus back to get it because we didn't have our rental car yet.
2. Houston's diaper bag when we went to eat at In-N-Out Burger (holla, Dana). This would not have been a mess except he poopied during that time. At least it was a nice day to eat outside.
3. Houston's stroller. Hugh had to leave the ballpark, drive it all the way back to us, and then go back to work. Maybe this light California air has done something to my brain.

I have not, however, forogotten how to have fun. Like I mentioned, when we got in to town (Monday) we ate at In-N-Out Burger at Dana's suggestion and it was awesome. Greasy burger, cheesy fries. You can't go wrong. Later that afternoon we drove the Pacific Coast Highway from Laguna Beach to Long Beach. We stopped at Heisler Park in Laguna. The view was awesome, the water pretty, and the homes were fabulous. Words can't describe the view those people must have each day. Breathtaking is the closest I can come up with. Today (Tuesday), after our stroller was delivered, mom and I jumped in the car and I DROVE us to Huntington Beach by MYSELF (with the help of one little friend named GPS). We had no problems getting there and ate at the world famous Huntington Beach Municipal Pier at a diner called Ruby's which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Eat your heart out to all you fish taco lovers. I had the real thing today. We people watched for a while and then walked down Main St. where they were having a street festival-lots of fresh fruits, veggies, flowers, face painters, musicians, clothes, jewelry, etc. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we are off to Hollywood to see the stars, Malibu and other touristy places. Check back for pics soon. Having a blast and as they say here (and mean it) Mahalo.


Dana said...

yah! Cali is so fun!!!!!!! if you have some time, go to the 3rd Street Promanade in Santa Monica. It's an outdoor shopping street right by the coast. the smell of the ocean as you walk around. it's awesome!!! and just a few minutes inland is Rodeo Dr!!!! somewhere in Beverly Hills is Sprinkles Cupcakes... which is a must!!!!!

Stacy said...

Glad you are having a good time....glad you have your mom there so you don't forget HOUSTON anywhere! Did you take a picture of the sign at Ruby's for Miss Thang? I need to let April know something asap. so call me about that. And Happy Anniversary.