Sunday, August 17, 2008

What you have all been waiting for....
pictures from our LA trip.
Laguna Beach was breathtaking. We drove here 3 times in addition to spending one day here swimming. This beach was actually rockier than the others we could have gone to, but it was also less busy so we chose it. The water was actually colder than we had planned, but the sun was warm and we enjoyed it.
Me at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I know, Britney Spears was not my first choice, but we were rushed to leave and I actually recognized her name, so I grabbed a quick pic. It was still awesome to see the Kodak Theatre (all you American Idol) fans and the Jimmy Kimmel Live Studio was right across the street.
Happy Anniversary! We went to Huntington Beach while mom kept Houston and had a nice dinner out on the pier. It was in the mid-50s. We packed jackets but didn't take them with us. Sure could have used them.
Houston loved playing in the sand after he got used to it (and got it all out of his mouth). He let us cover him up, he scooped sand, and is definitely a people watcher. Not too fond of the cold water.
The end. This picture says it all and needs no caption. Quite possibly my favorite of the trip, for sure of the beach.
Til '09 California. We already look forward to In-N-Out Burger, Tommy Burger, California Pizza Kitchen, Sprinkle Cupcakes, shopping, the beach, and more sunny fun!


H.T. said...

I'm glad you all had a fun trip and made it back safely! I especially love the beach pictures! So cute!

Stacy said...

oh, that picture of Houston is too cute! You need that one to be BIG! We are so going with you next year!