Friday, August 8, 2008

Interesting Facts......
1. We are 5 miles from Disneyland but we don't get the Disney Channel on our hotel TV.
2. There are 28 Walgreens within a 12 mile radius of our hotel.
How, you ask did I know fact #2? We were up at 4:00 this morning looking for one because Houston woke us up crying with a fever. Up this morning, fever gone, and he's playing. Hopefully it was just teething.
To recap Wednesday:
Mom and I took a tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Our first stop was Hollywood: we saw the Hollywood sign in the side of the mountain, the Kodak theater where American Idol finals are held, the Jimmy Kimmel Live Studio, the Chinese theater, the Hollywood walk of fame where stars feet and hand prints are as well as their names in stars in the sidewalk, and the places where several movies were filmed like Superman and Sister Act 1 & 2. Fun!!
It was then on to Beverly Hills. More interesting places were the Viper Room (where River Phoenix died), Phil Donahue's home, the Roxy where John Belushi ate his last meal, the home where Frank Sinatra died (on Foothill Drive by the way), the club where the Osbornes go for entertainment, Rodeo drive (we found a $60,000 watch! yikes!), the store where in Pretty Woman she asks if they work on commission and they say, "Yes", she says, "Big mistake.....",where Lindsay Lohan lives (hen she's not in rehab as our tour guide said), where Baywatch was filmed, and several places where Hollywood Homicide was filmed (never have seen that one).
We went later that afternoon/evening to Venice Beach. There were interesting things all around, some cool, some not so much. For the cool: we saw where White Men Can't Jump was filmed, the beach was beautiful, and we saw Muscle Beach. James, where were ya??
For the NOT so cool: there were weird people everywhere-a woman walking around with a snake around her neck, a man on roller skates wearing a turban playing the guitar, a woman on a loud speaker saying there was a doctor on the second floor ready to write anybody who needed it a prescription for medicinal marijuana, homeless folks, and it smelled horrible in the bathrooms (needless to say we changed Houston in his stroller and holding him in the air).
That night was our anniversary so mom kept Houston at the hotel while Hugh and I went out for dinner. We ate at Huntington Beach pier, walked along the beach (ahhh) and drove down to Laguna. Fun day for sure.
On Thursday, we had a much calmer day. We went to Laguna beach and hung out for about 3 hours. Our first steps on the beach Houston falls face first in the sand and comes up gagging with a mouthful. He learned his lesson early and he didn't try to eat sand (on purpose) anymore. He eventually got brave and loved wading in the water. We had fun but came home with more sand than we had planned. That's the one thing I hate about the beach. That night Hugh and I ate at Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney and watched the fireworks.
This trip has been so amazing. I told Dana James must be crazy about her to give up California for Arkansas. I told Christine the same thing-you gave this up for Arkansas?
Anyone who is interested can organize my going away party cause I wanna stay!
Promise I'll post pics later, just haven't had time to download them all. We have awesome one for sure. More later.


Stacy said...

Cali sounds great. But... one thing it doesn't have..... ME! When you gonna be home? I want to see pictures!

James Hewitt said...

I would move back, but I just can't afford to! If I sold my house it would only buy.....NOTHING out there.

Michele said...

Miss you guys!