Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our Story

Our first ever picture together, October 1998.
Today, August 6, 2008, we celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary. Let me clarify that we dated 6 years before we got marrid, so I feel like I kow this man inside and out. Here's our story: We met in June 1998, I was in graduate school at ASU working as a scorekeeper at the softball park and Hugh had gotten finished playing ball and moved to Jonesboro to go to ASU where his brother was the athletic compliance officer. The first time I actually saw him was when he was umpiring behind home plate and I filled in for a team as catcher. Needless to say, he talked my ear off. Imagine that. Then it was my turn to bat and he called me out at first base without even moving from behind home plate. Bad move for a guy trying to pick up a girl. We said goodbye and went our separate ways. We saw each other every night that summer at the ballpark. One night we were at the YMCA playing basketball and he wanted to impress me by dunking. He dunked alright, but landed wrong on his knee, tore his ACL, and he's been gimp ever since. Fast forward to 2004 (since this isn't a therapy session) and Hugh and I decide to take the plunge. We didn't want a big fan fare, we had no attendents, only our closest friends, and we did nothing traditional. I entered to the march of the Queen of England and we played "I Feel Good" right after we said "I Do". A lady in isotoner slippers married us (for real) and a man named Doug handed us a roll of film when it was over so we could get our pictures developed. We didn't even have a wedding cake. But I wouldn't take any of it back for anything in the world. Let me tell you what I know about Hugh.
1. He doesn't like to clean the house. But he is great at washing and ironing clothes.
2. He will do a favor for anyone who asks, anytime.
3. He is great playing with Houston.
4. He likes mowing the grass.
5. He has some of the funniest one-liners.
6. He talks more than any person I know. About 4,000 minutes a month just on AT&T's waves.
7. He loves sports, his family, and staying up late.
8. He supports my crazy hobbies and encourages my girly friendships.
9. He is more patient than I could ever dream of being.
10. He laughs when people get hurt.
11. I've only seen him cry twice in 10 years: once when his mom died and once when his son was born.
12. He has ugly toes. And he snores.
13. He is a loyal friend and husband.
14. He has eaten dinner with Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, and George Brett.
15. He has 14 of his own baseball cards.
16. He likes his steak well done.
17. He is married to the woman of his dreams. :)

Wedding Day, August 6, 2004

Eureka Springs, August 2004

So, here's to many more years together. Many more laughs. Many more cries. Many more tough decisions. Many more dreams. Many more days to share.

I am proud to be your wife.

I love you, Hugh.


Lesley said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Stacy said...

awe.... sweet. Happy day.

Rhonda said...

Happy Anniversay, Misty and Hubert! I hope you are having a geat time in Cali.

H.T. said...

Happy Anniversary!

Michele said...

Awww... I almost cried....I got little goose pimples all over my legs and my hair on my legs grew about two inches. When I read the part that said he's married to the woman of his dreams, I wanted to have a big group hug with you guys! Happy Anniversary! You guys rock my face off!