Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mistaken Identity

Back to school time entails many things like backpacks, crayons, scissors; but for me, it means time for my yearly TB skin test. I have done this for about 11 years now, since graduate school, and always passed with flying colors. Maybe a small red bump, but nothing major. Monday we had our TB skin tests. That night at home, it started really itching. I woke myself up at night several times itching and again that morning. By Tuesday afternoon at school, I developed this huge blister and a red spot about the size of a quarter. I showed the school nurse. She said not much we could do until Wednesday, just watch for streaking. I woke up all night and would turn on the lamp, no streaking. But by the time I got to school, the blister had burst and the bright red ring was about the size of an egg. Hard to see in the picture below, but not a pretty sight, especially not when you are being tested for TB.

So, off to the health department I go. Of course everyone at work was giving me a hard time. Hugh sang "You've Got the Funk" to me, but honestly, I was a little concerned. I mean, I was just in California you know. :) The nurse starts asking a lot of questions:

Yes, I've had these before. No, I've never had a problem with it. Yes, it itches. So she calls the school nurse. Long story short, we were given a control substance for TB that contains too much yeast, so my immune system was working extra hard to get rid of the foreign object. Needless to say, I went from the sickest person in school to the healthiest. Apparently, the bigger the reaction, the better your immune system kicked in to fight it. I don't have to be quarantined after all.

On a different note, it was nice to be able to visit with some of Hugh's brothers and sisters this past weekend, unfortunately under sad circumstances. Hugh's brother-in-law passed away so we were all together for the funeral.

This is Elroy, Dwight, Angie, Chad, and Hugh. What a group of characters!

So, so long from your TB free friend!! Well, actually, I have to get the REAL test next week.


H.T. said...

Bless your heart girl, I know that was stressful! Thank God it was nothing serious. This reminded me, I need to go and get a TB test for school too. Thanks!

Stacy said...

UCK. Glad it wasn't any worse than it turned out to be. Crazy story!