Sunday, June 7, 2009

Backing up......
I haven't posted anything in a while, and I have lots of cute pictures to share, so be ready for several days of blogging fun! (That's the plan anyway!) These pictures go back to the weekend of May 10th when we took Houston to the ASU petting zoo. He loved it all. At first. Then we tried to get him to ride a horse. Not so much........

I thought it was cool you actually got to get in the cages with all the animals-hold them, pet them, have them pee on you. (Glad that didn't really happen! But I did leave with an unidentified substance from the pig stall.)
He did actually end up petting the lamb!

And he seemed to actually do okay with it.

Now for the horse ride. You can see the uncertainty building up on his face as he dons the cute riding helmet. Yeah, we couldn't even get him to SIT on the horse, let alone go for a ride on it. He stiffened out his legs and arms, not to be bent at any angle. He cried and reached for me...that poor horse was so patient. Maybe next year.

We finished the Walker day of farm fun on a wagon ride pulled by a John Deere around the ASU farm. He did love that part (the ride and seeing all the animals). They do it again in the fall, and we will definitely be there.

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Christine said...

You're right, you do have lots of cute pictures to share! I love the one of him petting the little lamb.