Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I love summer...
these pictures were taken the first official day of summer break for me and Houston. The big pool at Nana and Poppy's wasn't quite ready yet, so Houston and the cousins opted for 2 small pools and a water hose running down the slide.

You can tell Anna loved it, but Barrett thought the water was too cold and the slide was too hot!
Houston was being silly as usual. Here he is squirting himself in the face with a water gun, which is ironic because he hates getting water in his face when he's taking a bath.

Katie ready to take the plunge in her homemade water slide!

Houston took advantage of having 2 pools side by side-he slid back and forth between them.

My lil' man soaking up the sun. If only I could have his beautiful skin color!

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Julie said...

He is getting so big! Happy summer!