Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tree Trimming.....
is not really an accurate title. It was more like chopping down 20 trees and removing them. This story all started when Houston was trying to ride his tricycle down the sidewalk. He kept tipping over because he was running over the gumballs. We had a yard full of gumball trees-very annoying, difficult to clean up, and dangerous (people would fall because of them and Hugh was even hit between the eyes by them when mowing because they bounced off the tree trunks ..hehe). To make a long story short, the decision was made to have the trees removed and beautify the lawn.

We aren't talking scrawny trees here.....we are talking 60+ foot trees with lots of limbs and branches. Before the trees could fall, all the limbs had to be stripped off them. This is where tree-climbing Daniel came in. He would put straps around his boots with spikes in them, climb up the tree with a harness, and cut the limbs off with a chainsaw. You have to be either crazy or brave (or both) to do this.

Then he would repel down and then the whole tree would be cut down.

I love this picture because you can see the tree actually coming down. They would hit the ground and the whole earth would shake. Neighbors would sit out on their porches and in their driveways to watch it all. It was quite the adrenaline rush. After the cleanup (which I don't have a picture of), the yard looks totally different, of course. We love the end result of the smooth yard with lots of room to run and play, but we do miss some of our shade. I'm sure we will especially love it this fall when we don't have to bag 40+ bags of leaves to have our yard clean!

But like I said, it was a huge mess!

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