Thursday, June 11, 2009

More summer fun with friends.....
Houston and I went to my friend Stephanie's house on Friday and met up with Holly so all the kids could play. Ella and Parker are both 3 and full of energy. It was impossible to get a picture with all the kids seated, looking at us, and smiling, so this is the best there is. They had fun playing on the swing set, in the bouncer, and in the pool. Our quiet, uneventful morning was interrupted when a 100+ pound pit bull broke through her neighbor's fence and jumped on all the kids, nearly knocking Ella down. We called the "animal po-po" as Ella called it and order was restored. We ended the morning with some PB&J sandwiches then home to take a much needed nap!

The kids sharing popcorn

Houston finally deciding the water was too cold to get in!
Some good ol' PB&J and juice boxes!

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Julie said...

nothing like summer time fun!