Monday, September 8, 2008

Tailgate Weekend and the Major Leagues

We had a great kickoff to football season tailgating with great friends at ASU. Hugh and I have always been ASU supporters, even in the days when only 300 people were in the stands. I have to say it was a great time cooking, laughing, and cheering with friends. It didn't hurt any that the Wolves won by 73! We will have to find a new spot to set up this week because of the rodeo, but you can be sure we will be there, cheering on our Wolves and eating dogs! Go stAte!

Meet Delta. He is an awesome kid who Hugh had the privilege of coaching in American Legion 3 years. He was always younger than his competition, but his big heart and ability made up any difference that age posed. After a successful career at LSU-Euniece, his dream came true and he was drafted this year in the Major League draft. He just finished his first season with the Rookie Club of the Colorado Rockies out in Casper, Wyoming. He had a great season and called Hugh frequently to keep him up to date. He came by tonight to visit and give us his first baseball card. Houston loved him instantly, but what's not to love about Delta Cleary. He's not only a good athlete, but also a good person. Good luck, Delta. May you always continue to shine.


Lesley said...

I hope to join you all this weekend!

Stacy said...

Looks like fun. We too have been Astate supporters for years.... at least FINANCIALLY! Geesh! I like the name Delta. I think that is what you should name your next kid, and since I name your kids, there you have it!

Michele said...

Those are some BEA-utiful little children! Love em all a whole bunch! We had lots of fun!