Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gotta love the fair!!
There are some things that just become tradition when the fair comes to town. For some, it is corn dogs and funnel cakes. For others, it's picking up ducks and riding rides. And yet for others, like my husband, it is being continually amazed by the looks of the folks that attend such gatherings. If I heard it once tonight, I heard 100 times. "Are you kidding me? Oh my goodness! Did you see that? Do people not care what they look like when they come out here? Ooooooo oooooooo". (With inflection!). For us, it was the first time Houston could actually enjoy some of the festivities. He stared at the cows and pigs, clapped his hands when the rides played music, picked up ducks, and got to ride his first fair ride ever with his cousins. He fell asleep in the car at 7:45 and we haven't heard from him since. These were some of the favorites from the night:
Picking up ducks-I remember always wanting to do this over and over at the fair. That's the fun thing about the fair, rules and limits are stretched. Dad would graciously pay $10 for a 50 cent toy.
Houston rode his second ride of the night, the choo-choo train, with his nana, uncle, and cousin Barrett.
His two older cousins, Katie and Anna, rode the cars with him and Barrett. His first fair ride ever.
These two already act like brothers. They are jealous if nana holds the other one. They fight over toys. But they are so happy to see each other when they've been apart a few days.
Houston wasn't too certain at first about feeding the animals at the petting zoo. HE wanted to eat the carrots and not hand them over. He finally got brave before it was time to go.
Other favorites of the fair this year: Hugh winning a hog calling contest, eating a funnel cake and fried snickers candy bar, and my new pop-up straw fair cup.
If you had to go back and read that line again about Hugh winning a hog calling contest because you couldn't believe it, you would be right. Are you kidding me? The only thing he knows how to call is the pizza man.


Stacy said...

funny post! Cute pictures.

H.T. said...

Those pictures are so sweet, especially the one with Houston standing on the fence! Hilarious about Hugh's thoughts on the fair! We always cracked jokes about the infamous fair songs-Welcome to the Jungle, Unskinny Bop, Ice Ice Baby, etc.! Gotta love the memories!

Stacy said...

ancient chinese proverb says "those who do not post comments do not receive comments"... it's been like 2 months since you commented on my blog and I KNOW you read it ;)