Thursday, September 4, 2008

Are you ready for some football?
Because we sure are around the Walker house. We all have new Red Wolves attire and are pumped. We let Houston sport his new jersey and visor around town this weekend and I must say, he looked pretty stinkin' adorable. We are tailgating this weekend with Lesley (yes, you are coming!), Lewis and Kara, James, the Allens, and some other friends. Let me give you one small example of how crazy my husband is.......he woke me up at 2am last weekend to let me know he was going to meet the team when they returned home from their win over Texas A&M. He, along with 500 other people and the band, cheered the guys on and he said it was an awesome atmosphere. Here's to a good season and lots of football fun!

Go Red Wolves!


Lesley said...

He does look pretty adorable!

I need to get some Red Wolves attire if you insist I come!!!!

Michele said...

Lots of awwwwws, here at the office. He looks so precious! We ARE ready for some football! Looking forward to Saturday! Love