Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is THE Life!
Last year, the beach wasn't a disaster, but it wasn't great either. Houston had only been walking for a few weeks and we didn't bring enough supplies to be prepared. But this year, oh man was it different. We LOVED it! The water, the sand, the sky, the sun, the breeze, the temperature. Everything was perfect. We had toys, snacks, water, towels-you name it and we looked like beach pros. This was our first of 3 days spent in the sand. AWESOME!!!!

Houston loved the sand. And he loved the water, too, as long as you were holding him. He didn't want to get in own his own, but he entertained himself for hours digging and making sandcastles.

We enjoyed our time so much we decided we had to come back a few times before we left. Hugh did get to enjoy one day with us and I will post those pics later. We tried Seal Beach, but our favorite spot was Huntington Beach.

I love this picture of Houston and my mom. It was also great to see her have such a good time walking the shore and collecting shells (which I hope don't end up on the back of the toilet). This day was good stuff.

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