Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Zoo Any Chance I Get.....
If you know me very well, you know that I love to find a zoo in any new town we travel to and check it out. And, L.A. was no different. I had heard good and bad things about it but it was only $11 and that's not bad for a full day's worth of entertainment in California. I have to say, initially, we were disappointed. The Children's Zoo was closed and the train was not working, both big strikes with Houston. But, as we got further into the zoo, we did get to see lots of animals, had ice cream, and ending up making a fabulous day of it. And, I can cross another zoo off the list.

Each trip Houston gets more and more into the animals-he can find them easier on their own and he can name most of them now. It always makes momma happy when her baby enjoys himself.

They had a baby giraffe there-he was 6 feet tall when he was born in April.

Of course he can make any day a good one with his nana.

And he found a new love on our trip this year that was waiting for him on the bed when we got back from the zoo. He is now a "Poopy" lover. He's actually gotten better and now calls him "Soopy".

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