Friday, August 21, 2009

Pink's and Family
While we were out in California, we had the awesome chance to spend one evening with some of Hugh's cousins, who happened to live only about 20 minutes from us. We got to visit with most of the last year, but some new ones this year as well. We laughed, told stories, and had good Italian food. Thanks guys the hospitality!

Pink's is a world famous chili dog stand to the stars. It is located on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood. You can get a hot dog ANY way you can imagine, and they probably offer them ways you have never thought of. This hot dog stand has been featured on the Food Network several times and shows like The View, Jay Leno, and Good Morning America. We must have had perfect timing because we only had to wait 15 minutes for our chili dogs, but when we left, the wait was over 1 1/2 hours!!
But they were SO yummy!!!

Even Houston ate his entire hot dog (hold the chili). We were on vacation, but momma's not silly.

Hugh got to enjoy the day with us which we were grateful for-he did all the driving and parking in Hollywood which can be a chore for sure. We ended the day with the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the big Hollywood sign. We walked down Santa Monica Blvd. and Hollywood Blvd., then we were off to the beach.

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