Monday, August 17, 2009

Reagan Library
I was young when Reagan was in office, so I don't know a lot about his presidency. I remember learning about the assassination attempt on his life, that he was in movies before going into politics, he was Governor of California, and that he was an accomplished athlete. My friend, Dana, suggested we spend a day at the library while out in California. I have to say, regardless of your public affiliation or personal feelings to this man, it was an awesome experience, and ended up being one of my favorite things about the whole trip (besides the beach, of course!).
Secret service greet you at the door, give you the rules, and then you are pretty much on your way to explore. We got to see really fascinating things-presidential seals used at the White House, the clothes he was wearing (and the x-rays) when he was shot, his inaugural suit, a replica of the oval office with pieces he actually used while there, but my favorite was......

getting on board Air Force One. We learned how they bought/prepared meals, the football he carried with him with secret codes on it, his office, the "Situation Room" on plane. It was really cool. This plane actually carried Reagan, Bush, and 5 other presidents. We weren't allowed to take pictures on board. For the time the technology was very advanced, it would be considered "archaic" even in one of our homes today. Very, very cool experience.

Another thing I loved about it was the setting. The library is in Simi Valley and the landscape and view is amazing.

If we ever get to go back to California, I will be making another stop here for sure.

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