Saturday, January 31, 2009

Icy Days
I know folks living around here don't need reminders quite yet of the ice storm. We all went enough time without power, heard enough cracking limbs in the night, and have enough yard cleanup to do to last us for a while. But we have lots of friends and family out of town that read our blog (we think) so we wanted to share with them our lives this past week. We also have some pretty cool pictures from around our house.
This is one of the trees in our front yard-the branches weighted down so heavily from the ice they touched the ground.
Gumballs with over 1" of ice on them.

Hugh holding an icicle almost 2 feet long-this came off my parents house.

This may be the most amazing picture of all. This view is from the driver's side window of our Explorer. A branch that fell from the tree at the corner of our house went through the window and impaled the dashboard. For insurance purposes, we were told not to pull the branch out of the window yet, so we don't know how deep into the dashboard it goes. I'm sure it's safe to say, the radio probably isn't working right now. :)

No, wait. THIS is the most amazing picture from the week. My husband cleaning up the yard!! No, really, he worked hard to get the yard looking better before heading to Texas. When we get all the limbs and branches piled up, I will post that picture, too. Right now the pile is about 5 feet high and 10-12 feet long, no joke. Lots of work still to do around here. Everybody, be safe!


Rhonda said...

Wow!! That is an amazing shot of the limb in your windshield! Kind of scary thinking about something like that falling around your house when your outside. I hope things get "back to normal" for you guys soon and not too much damage was done!

Stacy said...

I can't believe that limb through the windshield. I was amazed when I saw it! It has been a crazy week for sure! Thanks for taking in a runaway for a while ;)

Amanda said...

Your poor car!!! I'm glad you guys are up and running again!

Christine said...

Man, that's crazy... we lost a lot of trees but no structural damage to any of our property. I hope insurance does you right!

H.T. said...

I love your most amazing picture of the week- hilarious!