Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tough Guy and Tupperware
The day after Christmas, we enjoyed the 70+ degree temperatures and Houston was in and out all day-just playing outside and enjoying his new Christmas present. He picked out the best part of his tough guy outfit-the hat on backwards and the boots. He has a neighborhood image to protect you know.

Then it was on to his softer side. He made over 20 trips from the tupperware drawer to the patio where he carefully arranged all his treasures. After he had them arranged exactly like he wanted them......
he sat down to enjoy himself. Then, he climbed on top of the table and chunked them all, one by one, all over the patio and then ran off to his next expedition leaving mom with yet another mess of a creative little 17 month old.


Kelly said...

You do realize he'll do this all the time now and you'll constantly be cleaning up

Misty said...

Trey loves the tupperware too. I love the pictures.