Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where were you
when history was made today? Like him or not, today was an historical moment for our nation. I was lucky enough to share a 3x6 foot office space with 5 other teachers and about 15 children, packed around a Dell computer. But we got to see it. Most of the kids probably won't remember (and none of them understood), but they were all able to witness the swearing into office of the first black president of the United States of America.
A friend at work shared this quote with me today, a history lesson of sorts about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.:
Rosa sat so Martin could stand. Martin stood so Barack could run.
God bless and guard our country and the actions and efforts of this President!


Kelly said...

Bailey was able to see it at school yesterday too. He was excited.

Stacy said...

The boys watched at school and I watched with dad in the hospital. Although I didn't vote for him, I did feel a sense of pride and excitment about changes.... of all kinds. I like that quote.

Tamara & Jeremy said...

i was at work with you we can say we watched it together that was the first one i ever watched.