Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Okay, here goes....
There has been lots going on around the Walker household lately, in addition to all that comes with keeping up with a very active 18 month old. We are still trying to get caught up on yard work after the ice storm, celebrate Hugh's birthday (Happy 39th), enjoy some family time, and get Hugh back on the road again. Here are a few favorite pictures from the last few weeks.

At the sport show last year, we had a caricature done of Houston when he was 6 1/2 months old, drawn as a baseball player wearing a San Francisco Giants uniform. We decided to make it a tradition and luckily our man was there (who only has one eye, by the way) and did another caricature this year with Handy Manny in mind. The two will now hang side-by-side in Houston's bedroom.
Houston was such a big helper carrying sticks and helping us clean up the yard. He would drag one little bitty ol' stick up to the wood pile, jump and throw it, and clap for himself when it fell to the ground right beside him. But, the thought of being helpful was there and it was sweet that he tried.
Like I said, Happy 39th birthday to the man of the house!! Just a few days late with the wishes here, but we celebrated February 9th with homemade chocolate cake, barbecue, beans, and slaw. Hugh got money and a some new shoes to celebrate his turning older. And wiser. And with just a little bit more gray. But we still love him!

Houston, on the other hand, was not quite as happy to continue the celebration when mom told him "no" to his request for more cake!!

And Monday night, Hugh was honored to be an invited guest to the ASU Baseball Banquet with special guest Will Clark (who signed a baseball for Houston saying :To a future super star-Will Clark). Hugh had a great time visiting the Will Clark who was recently added to the San Francisco Giants organization as a special to the GM.
So, busy, but good times around the Walker household. Hugs and kisses to Hugh from us as he travels to Oklahoma and Texas!!


Misty said...

I asked Tom if he thought Hugh was at that Banquet. Hugh is such a star. His days are numbered though cuz here comes little man, Houston. Oh he is the cutest thing!

Amanda said...

Houston is really changing lately. He's losing that baby face. Happy Birthday Hugh!

Julie said...

I miss you!!!!!