Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Snow
Around here, you take a good snow when you can get it. The best one for us this year happened about a week and a half ago on March 1st. We got four inches of fluffy white goodness. Last year, Houston wasn't so sure about it, but this year he loved stomping through the yard in it and kicking his boots yelling, "Snow!".

Okay, he loved it until he fell face-first in it. He picked himself up, looked at me, turned to the snow, and started waving saying, "Bye-bye, snow." That was my cue that 20 minutes was enough. (Hard to believe it was in the mid-70s today by the way).

For all you snowman and ASU fans, this is the best snow built creature I have ever seen. The owners of the Design Shoppe live down the street from us and they made Howl, the new ASU logo, out of snow. It was featured on the news, but I had to get a glimpse for myself. Love it!!

I swear we don't encourage this behavior like Jake Hillis does :), but our little man found these little hand weights at my mom and dad's house the other night. Without ANY prodding, he began his own workout of sorts, ending up with them dropped to the floor with a loud thump! Hugh is proud of the shoulder muscle action you see going on. A proud poppa indeed!

And last but not least, I leave you with just a bit of the attitude the youngest Walker has been displaying around the house the last few days. I posted an offer on facebook to trade him, but my only options of trade were a teething 18 month old and 2 cats. I decided we would keep him!!


Stacy said...

too cute. that Howl snowman was awesome!

Rhonda said...

Misty, he's getting so big!! You have to come visit soon so we can see him!

Tamara & Jeremy said...

he is to cute

Christine said...

CUTENESS!!! I love this picture!