Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I love the zoo!
I consider myself a zoo connoisseur in that if we are in a new town and a zoo is close by, I'm there. My favorite ever is the St. Louis Zoo and my biggest disappointment is the San Diego Zoo-it didn't live up to the hype. On Saturday afternoon, we made a spur of the minute trip to the Memphis Zoo (Hugh had to cover a ballgame at 7:00). This trip now ranks up there as one of the best ever. And it was because Houston was SO into it. He pointed and jabbered at all the animals, he tried to name them, he stomped and ran and jumped. It was sunny but cool out so all the animals were active. It wasn't very crowded. We were all happy. It was a perfect day. We rode the train, got some great pictures, and just enjoyed each other.

Watching the tigers.
Houston is really in to trains right now, right down to the arm up and the air and a loud attempt at "choo-choo"!

I love how this picture catches his reflection. He is actually watching the Giant Pandas eat their bamboo snack.

A kind passerby took this family shot for us. (Hugh hates when I ask people to do that.)

A great way to end the day-my two favorite guys!

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Stacy said...

those are some CUTE pictures! Let's get to scrappin'!!!