Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Rewind
Ok, so I'm a little out of order here and backing up to get some sweet Easter pictures in. We actually hunted Easter eggs outside on Saturday because it was supposed to be raining on Sunday (and did, so glad we got that in!). We took pictures of the grandkids out at mom and dad's by the irises-they turned out sweet.

Then it was egg hunting time. After Houston dropped the 4th one in his bucket, it came open. He decided eating the candy in his four was much more exciting than collecting a part of the other 70+ that were available, so he sat down, ate his candy and waved when all of his cousins ran by scooping up the eggs. Oh, well. That was just less candy I had to hide from him.
Easter morning.......what's up with those real-life-close-to-looking-like-a-bunny teeth??

We had several great pictures of my favorites.
Sharing some smiles with momma. He kept saying, "Momma, pretty." He is the sweetest thing ever!!
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter.


Rhonda said...

Hugh-baby!!!! He is looking more and more like Hugh all the time (sorry, Misty...I know what it's like...none of my kids look like me). Too cute! Love the bunny teeth pic!!!

Christine said...

Oh my goodness, the bunny teeth picture is precious!