Wednesday, October 29, 2008

**Pumpkin Carving Walker Style**
Monday night, after Hugh got home and we got finished with dinner and bath, we broke out the pumpkin carving necessities. As soon as we opened the bag, Houston started clapping his hands and grabbing all the pieces. We didn't go traditional style with all the mess, we went kid friendly and easy for daddy. We let Houston choose between each body part-he would name them after us as we poked them in the pumpkin. He was quite satisfied with the end product. And so, a clean tradition is born.

Couldn't resist these cute pumpkin pjs. If you think this is cute, wait until you see him in his costume......

My two favorite Walkers....all the rest of you are pretty special, too.

And, finally, a shout out to all you Twilight fans-vampire tater. Have a good one and be ready for some cute costume pictures!

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Kelly said...

I must have Vampire tater!! Bailey would love that.