Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy Weekend
Wow! It has been a busy week around the Walker household. Hugh's schedule is finally beginning to slow down (thankfully) but he has not had any difficulty staying busy. This past weekend, we had a nice dinner Sunday evening with the McClain family, the Davis family, and Hugh's friend Kerrick Jackson who is a scout with the Washington Nationals. Thank you, Kerrick, for the flowers and yummy dessert. Always love a chance to hang out with friends.

Hugh and Kerrick
Also this weekend, Hugh was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Jacksonville High School. Here he is signing autographs for some kids that were there. He gave an awesome speech and remembered to thank his parents, and mention all his brothers and sisters. While he was talking, Houston was clapping the whole time and yelling "Dada"! I wish I had known Hugh back in his glory days, to be able to see all the amazing things I only get to hear stories about. I'm proud of you! The guy in the background behind Hugh in the blue shirt played 5 years for the Dallas Cowboys! (That one's for you Lewis!)
The Crossroads Fall Festival was also Saturday. (Like I said, we've been busy!) I know many people put in lots of work to make it happen and be so much fun-shout outs to Cristi Hillis and Dana Hewitt for their hard work! The kids had a variety of activities to choose from-pumpkin bowling, face/hair painting, target shooting, bean bag toss, train ride, and treasure hunt. It was a beautiful day-perfect weather to hang out and enjoy friends. I love this picture of Maggie and Houston. I can just her little voice, "I wanna hold him". She has been a Houston fan since the day he was born and she couldn't be sweeter. Love you Mags (as your mom calls you).

Now, the official business to report. I was a chili taster for the cookoff. Interesting for sure-6 different pots of chili, 6 very different tastes. #4-the Gillams, was the victor in the end. My good friend Lesley and I giggled all through it because Steve kept clearing his palate. Lots of fun with great friends! Have a good rest of the week!


H.T. said...

Tell Hugh "Congratulations" on his Hall of Fame induction! Love the picture of Maggie and Houston too!

Misty said...

You can take some sweet pictures. And yes Mags does love her some Houston!