Sunday, November 2, 2008

He's my lobster!
We started our Halloween festivities with a party in Houston's class at school-games, food, and a baby obstacle course. Of course, like his birthday, his favorite was the chocolate.
His class went trick or treating that morning (my friend is passing along some pictures later) and he stole the show in his cute lobster costume.

He loved playing with the carved jack-0-lantern and seeds. He is quite the ham in his classroom.

We ended our Halloween day by trick-or-treating at nana and poppy's where they declared Houston the "cutest lobster they had ever seen" and then on to the Hewitt's to take up all the candy in a 4 block radius. Here he is with Elijah *Tony Stewart* Graham, Ty *Super Ninja* Hillis, Abby *Dorothy* Allen, and Saraya *BatGirl* Hewitt.
This tired, pizza-faced lobster was then ready for bed!


THE MOMMY said...

he is a handsome guy!!!!

Stacy said...

cute pictures!

Kelly said...

He was so cute! Halloween was a great I feel out of sorts. We need a countdown to Thanksgiving break! :)