Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Backyard photo shoot and sad memories...
I had wanted to get some good fall photos of Houston while the leaves were so pretty, but didn't want to bug my buddy Dana. So, off to the backyard (and across the street from Country Mart) we go. I have found the key to liking your photos is taking plenty of them so eventually, you will get one with the right pose, with the right lighting, etc. So here, goes.

I love the look on his face-may need a little touch up on that scar on his forehead though!

Perfect lucky shot with the sun peeking through!
Right in our backyard.

Once again, love that face.
Today was a fun day because Hugh, Houston and I stayed outside together until it got dark. But, it is also a sad day. It's hard to believe, but it has been 3 years ago today since we miscarried our first baby. I know I will be reunited with them both again in heaven one day, but it is still difficult and I feel a sense of loss that I will probably always carry with me. Looking back, I have to say thank you to Christine and Stacy for being there and holding my hand while I cried and thank you to all our friends and family for all the prayers. I couldn't imagine our life any differently now and we LOVE Houston so much and are grateful to be his mommy and daddy!

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Stacy said...

time does go by so fast doesn't it? Just look at that sweet baby face and how much joy he has brought to so many! Sometimes our deepest sorrows help make our blessings even sweeter.